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Contact Paul 085 7249287 (Choose the bike first by clicking on Mens Bikes or Ladies bikes above) If you don't have call credit, send me a text message (SMS) or email and I will call you back

 Email: dublinbikeman@gmail.com

Updated 27th May 2016

  • Prices are fixed
  • These bikes are racers, road bikes, city bikes, hybrids, single speeds, touring bikes, mountain bikes and Dutch style bikes. Built to last and well designed, they are comfortable and easy to ride. Replacement parts for them are relatively cheap and easy to purchase, from me or elsewhere.
  • I sell mostly steel framed bicycles. They are not heavy, and in fact are lighter than people expect. They are more suitable for Dublin roads, they can take more stress, and are more responsive.
  • All these bikes are in excellent condition, rust-free and ready to go. They are second hand and have been serviced to full working order. Most bikes come with new tyres, inner tubes and brake pads installed, as indicated in the descriptions.
  • If you want to try out a bike, I can meet you in the city centre where you can test it out, 7 days a week Monday to Sunday, from 10am to 8pm. I usually respond to inquiries straight away .
  • A bike can be reserved by paying a 20€ deposit 
  • I usually deal with enquiries the same day, within hours, unless you have a more specific requirement.
  • This website gets updated daily. All bikes on the site are currently available
  • Email: dublinbikeman@gmail.com please include a contact phone number 
  • Phone: Paul, 085 7249287. Please choose a bike or the parts you need before calling. Call any time between 10am and 7pm. if I do not answer, please send me an sms or try calling later.
  • If you have a few bicycles in mind that you are interested in, please indicate so in order of preference, in your email
  • prices are fixed


Value for money: You get almost twice as much bike for your cash! A second-hand bike purchased for €200 is likely to be better than a new €250 bike will be after even only 1 year of use. 

Environmentally friendly: Repairing and re-using a bike is an environmentally sound option. It means one less old bike in landfill, and one less new bike being manufactured - with a consequent saving in materials and energy, and a lower carbon footprint

Bike theft: A second-hand bike is far less attractive to thieves, and less is lost if it does get damaged or stolen. If you have the space to store two bikes, why not buy a cheap €200 second-hand bike for use around town, and reserve your expensive bike for use on occasions when it’s less likely to be damaged or stolen?

Fully serviced: Unlike what you might buy on ebay or from a classified ad, all bikes sold are fully serviced. On most bikes this servicing will also include the replacement of brake blocks, inner tubes, tyres, and sometimes other components.